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Fix Error -6000, while opening a company file

When users attempt to open their Company file and suddenly software comes up with the Screen saying -6000,xxx error and you are unable to open the company file. This error normally followed by 2 0r 3 more digits and an error message indicating you are unable to work on the data file.
Below are the steps to fix Company file with the help of Quickbooks Support

1. Rename  .ND (network drive) and.TLG(Transaction log) file. These both are known as configuration files which allow QuickBooks to access company file in a network or multi-user mode. if these extensions are found to be corrupted or damaged users might get above errors while opening the data file.These extensions can be renamed as checked in few cases earlier after renaming this extension file was resolved as renaming these extensions will not cause data loss as these extensions get created automatically.

2. Try to Open Sample File. Sample file in Quickbooks is given to test if problem possibly lies in  Quickbooks Software of In data file. If Sample file does not open while opening and return with an error message, it given an indication of getting Software damaged, which can be either repaired or can be fixed with reinstallation.

3. Try to Make a folder on Desktop and give any name to the folder and copy your file from the default location and paste it under desktop folder and try to open company file from the software and see if the error persists.

4. check if multi-user Hosting is turned on or no on all Workstation.

5. Try to Restore Automatic data recovery file to check if it opens successfully.

6. check if Folder in which company file is located has been given any additional permission if yes get it checked with Quickbooks Support Team.

Above are the steps which need to be followed by all users to get rid of Error message if above steps doesn’t work users are requested not to troubleshoot from their end, just give a call to Quickbooks Support @ 1-877-227-2303.

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